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First and foremost my goal is always to exceed expectation. After art school I worked for many years as an advertising Art Director before focusing on film and animation. This has given me a unique ability to approach a project from the first brief, developing concepts and storyboards through to production, post production and delivery. I always strive to develop a close and collaborative working relationship with clients to really understand their goals and aim to produce outstanding work at a reasonable price. As you can see from my past projects I have worked on a very broad range of content including 3D animation, holographic events, fashion shows, pharmaceuticals, music videos, live events and much more.

The creative concept

A vital part to any successful project. Get the idea right from the start and everything will fall into place. I often see work that may be technically brilliant but without a solid concept, the message can get lost. I will usually develop initial ideas presented as style frames, storyboards and scripts, working with the client in a collaborative process. This will give a good idea of what is planned and the associated costs.

Creative development

Developing and refining the idea with more detailed storyboards and fine tuning the script. Building the team that will execute the project from auditions, film crew and facilities, or specialist 3D artists - everything required to begin production.

Production, Post-production and delivery

This may involve filming, 3D modelling, animation, voice-overs, audio production, editing, compositing etc. The client will review the key stages and after final sign-off the project is delivered in the required format.